Monday, 25 February 2008


Yep, that is one huge proboscis! No one ever reads my sweet blog, so I can write what ever I want. That is so great. Have you ever looked close at a picture of yourself and thought..Who is that? I am sitting here on my bed and I am wondering who this is next to the words that I'm typing. Anyways, sometimes I get a little freaked out that "man, i do look just like my old man!"

Enough of what ever that was turning into. I am currently trying my hardest to get me and lindsay into some type of abode. Its great staying with my Mom, but she' MOM. Grateful she raised me, but come on....time to move on Kell and Lindsay! I am working on weekends back with 3tek now to help cut down our monthly "bills" so that we can put that money into a mortgage. We dont want to live in a sweet spec house with a 70in flat screen and two bmws in the double car garage or anything. We just don't want to have to squeeze our nickles and dimes to make it every month. So that and United Rentals are keeping me very busy. Lindsay's just as happy as ever to be working and quilting! So over all...we'll make it!


Smelly Katt