Monday, 20 August 2007


This is my beautiful niece, Miss. Grace Elizabeth Blumell. She is being corrupted in this pic at her DeeDee's house. I think she just had a pop sickle.
This is another picture of our beautiful niece. Thanks for the fake smile Linds and I don't think you guys are even looking at the camera!

This crazy kid is Luke and is too smart for a 12 year old, but is stuck in a 4 year old body. Luke is a monster and love Transformers...for now. Like his sister he is very loving and sensitive to feelings. He loves his papa and deedee very much. But he REALLY loves his uncle kell and princess A LOT!

Yes, his mother did tell him several times to remove his hands from his mouth...she is slowly turning into her mother...good luck with that lincoln...gatta love those ma-in-laws!!

Last but not least (ok, maybe in size!) is little Lincoln John Fincher. This is Linds's sister's baby. He's getting so big and his mama and daddy really love him...and us too!
That's about all the newbies for be cont.

Friday, 17 August 2007

So You Think You Can Fart!

That would make an awesome show!! Well men, we made it. Another stupid "reality" TV show that we are forced to watch has ended...for now. Sadly it will return next year, unless maybe, just maybe...the world will end. Since that outcome is probably unlikely, we will spend the next 5 months recuperating and preparing. That's right. Everybody say it with me...ARE YOU READY 4 SOME FOOTBALL!!!!!! That's right, ladies. You have Pro, College, and High School football and we can find a game on every night!!!!!!! It's much better than watching a bunch of Pixies prance around on some stage and thinking that your vote actually matters, when everyone knows the producers pick the winner. And don't even think about bashing on football because you'll be just as busy this fall. Who's gonna watch Grey's Anatomy or ER or Survivor or Big Brother or some other fake drama that makes you feel good inside? You betcha! YOU are!! So let us have our football and let us enjoy the only TV that truly entertains...FOOTBALL!!!!!!!


Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Five for Fighting....and Gambling!!

Alright, Michael Vick is an idiot! Please explain to me how you go from 130 MILLION dollar NFL contract to gambling on dogs. I don't understand. Maybe you millionaires can see where the poor guy is coming from. You know...what am I going to buy this year with my millions of dollars? Oh, I know! Let me go buy a pit bull...and fight him!!! If he doesn't win...we'll just shock him to death. I bet i could find something much better to do with 130 Million DOLLARS!!!!! Anyway, it's kind of sad that his fans and family have to deal with all the controversy. Also in the news today, our boy Donaghy is also going to make a plea on Thurs. Joining Vick, it will most likely be a guilty plea. Oh well, so much for the negative. This pic is of Halloween 06'. Yes, we are Clark and Lowis(sp). We try not to be too nerdy when it comes to stuff like this, but I guess you are what you are. This year we have no idea what we are going to do, but there was some mention of a spider pig...or maybe a Harvey Potter gig. Well, keep in touch and don't be a stranger to comments. If they are good enough they'll be posted.


Monday, 13 August 2007

The Odd Couple

That's right...the two most opposite and odd dogs are forced to live together. We are just so glad they let us stay with them. Cooper is the oldest. He is the all black one on the right. We don't really know what breed of dog he is because we got him from the pound. We brought him home after our honeymoon in Dec. of 2004. He is not the smartest dog ever, but he makes up for it in compassion. He is always trying to lay on us or lick us to death. We love him. On the other end is Rueben. We got him about three months after Cooper. He is the one who is not fooled by the fake "treat" I am holding in my hand to get them to look at the camera. HE is a thinker. He's thinking, "Hurry up and take the picture because this dog really stinks aaaaaaaaand he's touching me!" Rueben is way too smart and still doesn't buy the whole "dog" thing. With his IQ comes his attitude. He constantly fights with Cooper and tries to get Lindsay's attention all the time. He gets very jealous. He also likes to try and lay on us, but only because Cooper tries. Through all their quirks and issues they really do help us make it through the tuff times. When Linds and I get mad at each other we just yell at the dogs and we feel much better...don't worry the dogs just look at us like, "Just let it out." They are a pain to take care of sometimes, but they are full of so much love that it's worth it!

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Somebody did VERY well on their Mission!

The beautiful brunet in the middle is my boss, I mean my wife. Her name is Lindsay and she is "THE best thing that has EVER happened to me!" She was born in Ogden, Utah to Mike & Shelly Stark, but she's mine now, HA! We have known each other since her family moved to town when she was about 11. She is nice, smart, pretty sexy, and also a great mother. Although we don't have any real babies yet, we still have our doggies. Linds has just completed a Dental Assistant degree @ Spartanburg Community College here in our small town. She works for Dr. Bill Mills @ Upstate Oral and Maxiofacial(sp) Surgery. Of course she loves it and she is really, really, good at what she does...what ever that is. We are still in love and she does good to keep me in line and on track. That's about all you need to know when it comes to my sweet heart...the rest is for me!!!!!


Friday, 10 August 2007

Who dat? Who der?

Hey ya'll I was gone for a bit but I am back on. Just gonna catch some of you up on what's up. Stand by...