Friday, 5 December 2008

The Early Bird get the Worms?

Wow. Maybe that nerd should put down the camera before they lose their life. That is a picture of my "space" at work...nice. Well, it will be easier to blog now since I have access to a computer--that is not from the 1980's. It was difficult to get the old people that I work with to realize that new wasn't bad. Anyway, all is well. Work is slow, but being the new YM Pres in my ward is a bit of a "shalonje"--challenge w/a french accent--. We should be able to handle it though. Merry Christmas! (upside down !)Feliz Navidad!



the lindster! said...

yay for kell for finally blogging!!! does les know your blogging at work?

Kattmandu said...

please...they think that computers are mythical and only magicians can work them!